Stainless Steel Shampoo Bowls

Stainless Steel Shampoo Bowls

Shop our stainless steel shampoo bowls online here at eMark Beauty.

Stainless steel bowls provide salons with a sleek, modern look. At eMark Beauty, we supply more salons across the US with their professional salon equipment to achieve the salon of their dreams.

There are many reasons why more salon owners are upgrading their bowls to stainless steel. One of the biggest reasons is because unlike plastic, stainless steel doesn’t stain due to harsh dyes, and it’s also scratch resistant. Another reason why some salon owners favor stainless steel shampoo bowls is because stainless steel is incredibly easy to clean with the proper cleaning solutions.

At eMark Beauty, we have a variety that you can compare and contrast. Either way, we know you’ll be happy with your new stainless steel bowl! But just in case you’re not, we offer a 1-year warranty on all eMark Beauty products.

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