Multifunction Facial Machines 

The spa industry is highly competitive, so you need an edge to stay on top and keep driving up profits. Spa equipment like multifunction facial machines is a great way to set yourself apart from the other spas in the area. When you offer something unique, then you’ll keep your old clients and see new ones coming in the door.

Multifunction facial machines are advanced pieces of equipment that are currently in high demand in the beauty industry. For example, microdermabrasion is a facial treatment that removes impurities from the surface of the skin through exfoliation techniques. Microdermabrasion and other similar facial treatments are on the rise and growing in popularity. By investing in these highly advanced facial machines, you’ll attract new clientele, who will see you as a luxury salon in a competitive space.

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There are lots of ways that you can improve your spa and services, but purchasing multifunction facial machines is a great investment. You will see customers returning for this high-value service, as you get more clients making appointments for skincare.

We offer a great variety of durable and easy to use multifunction facial machines, such as 9-in-1 facial machines, 11-in-1 facial machines, 13-in-1 facial machines and all-in-one facial machines. No matter what size your shop is, we can help you find the skincare machines and attachments that will work best for you and your employees.

When you consider the popularity of microdermabrasion, having a microdermabrasion machine at your salon is a good business decision. Celebrities and social influencers continue to talk about the benefits of microdermabrasion, but it can be expensive when it’s done at a dermatologist. With a professional multifunction facial machine, you can offer clients all the benefits of this skincare equipment.

Our line of machines includes countertop versions or rolling stands with swing arms. We carry a supply of well-equipped models with up to 11 attachments including glass jar steamers, microdermabrasion machines, hot towel steamers, facial brushes and magnifying glass. The rolling models come with steel bowls attached too. Our models have everything you need to give your clients the ultimate in microdermabrasion treatment.

Microdermabrasion works by gently removing the top layer of skin using the tool from the facial machine. The tool utilizes suction that picks up the small, dead skin cells, leaving your clients with a fresh and glowing complexion. The technique is safe and non-invasive and can be used in conjunction with moisturizers for added therapy. Microdermabrasion helps to remove skin spots, acne scars, tiny lines and bumps. It also helps increase blood flow to the skin and supports new skin cell growth.

We are here to help you find the best multifunction facial machine for your salon. The machines are easy to use, so training your salon employees to use it will be a snap. They’re also easy to maintain and clean, therefore saving you time and money so that you can focus on your business.

You can also have us help you with a custom “build your own” facial machine that allows you to give the most specialized skin care treatments to your customers! So if you’re interested in offering the finest skin care services, shop with us today or contact us for more information.