Professional Facial Steamers 

Skincare should be an important part of everyone’s daily beauty routine, but it can be hard to give skin the deep cleaning that it needs. Even with expensive skin cleansing products, scrubs, and masks, you still need professional equipment to do the job right. If your salon offers facials, having a professional facial steamer to use with your clients is a must.

Professional spa facial steamers are used to open up the skin’s pores to prepare for treatment and products. They allow for a much deeper cleanse, which will remove impurities like dirt and oil from the skin.

At eMark Beauty, we have one of the most advanced online selections of professional facial steamers you’ll come across including aromatherapy professional facial equipment. For product specifications, select the steamer you’re interested in for additional information.

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Our company has a large inventory of spa-quality facial steamers that have been engineered to be durable and easy to use. Our steamer designs come with stands and a flexible arm for ergonomic functioning. They are also equipped with aromatherapy options, magnifying glasses, rotating facial brushes and scrubbers.

Our large selection includes galvanic facial steamer models, Ultrasonic facial treatment machines, high frequency facial steamers, microdermabrasion machines and more customer facial machines to keep your clientele coming back for the amazing effects they produce.

There are so many different models to pick from that we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your salon’s needs. Our facial steamers and skin scrubbers are easy to use, too, and add a lot of service options for your salon without a large investment.

For your customers, there are plenty of benefits to using a facial steamer even if they don’t have problem skin. The heat from facial steamers gently open the pores, allowing the dirt to be cleansed away. Blackheads, clogged hair follicles and dead skin cells are lifted away as the facial steamer does its job. The special features like the facial brushes and scrubbers finish the work by removing the debris from the skin. Your customers will enjoy the spa treatment they get from these facial steamers, and will come out of their facial with a glowing complexion and beautifully smooth skin.

Your salon’s customers will find even more to appreciate from our facial steamers: Regular use of a facial steamer helps increase your circulation and give you a fresh look. It also helps release sebum, an oil that naturally moisturizes your skin. Facial steams also promote collagen and elastin growth to give skin a youthful look.

Using a steamer can also help keep the complexion acne free, thanks to the facial steam keeping bacterial growth at a standstill. When used with the aromatherapy add on, the facial steamer offers a relaxing spa treatment for anyone to enjoy.

Add even more value and a touch of luxury to your salon with professional facial steamers from eMark Beauty!