About eMark Beauty

eMark Beauty is a Family Owned Business located in Argyle, Texas. We have dedicated the last 30 years to providing Quality, Affordable Salon and Spa equipment to the  Beauty World!!!

Professional Salons need the best equipment in order to compete in today’s fast-paced industry. You might have the best beauty professionals, but without proper salon equipment, you’ll lose customers fast. No matter what size shop you are, or what kind of clientele you serve, it’s important to purchase well-made salon chairs and other beauty equipment.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned professional and want to upgrade your business, you should consider your clients’ and your stylists’ needs before purchasing your new items. There are so many options for shampoo station, facial steamers, dryers and spa equipment that you can customize to make your salon stand out from your competitors.

Salon Chairs

Salon chairs are an important asset for your beauty salon. They are the workhorse of the business, so try to purchase durable salon chairs without giving up style. You’ll want to provide your clients with a comfortable, relaxing experience while you style their hair. The salon chair should also be ergonomically viable for you and your staff. Most salon chairs work with a hydraulic system, and you should make sure that they are easy to adjust.

Shampoo Bowls

Shampoo bowls are also essential for your shop. We offer a variety of shampoo bowls engineered to be tough and to look great. Our products come in many different styles and are crafted from stainless steel, ceramic or plastic. You can easily match your existing salon furniture with our shampoo bowls. Our styles are made to offer you a comfortable and efficient way to provide your clients with excellent service during the hair washing process.

Styling Stations

It’s easy to overlook the importance of staying organized, but you should encourage your salon technicians to use a styling station to keep their hair styling tools neat and clean. We carry styling stations that are modern, sleek and functional, including styling stations made from high-quality wood that will add an elegant touch to your salon. Our styling stations will help your hair styling experts streamline every job they do while keeping things organized, thanks to the multiple styling tool slots and convenient storage drawers.

Towel Warmers, Paraffin Wax Baths and More

If you want to bring in more customers, then adding spa features like towel warmers and multifunctional facial machines will set you apart. You can instantly upgrade your salon business by offering personal beauty services that will bring in a new customer base. Warm towels, facials and paraffin wax machines will instantly boost your business.

Towel warmers are a wonderful addition to every personal care business because they add a touch of luxury your clients will appreciate. Our professional-grade towel warmers make it easy to care for your clients by giving you the ability to keep moist towels or dry towel fresh, clean and warm. Choose from double or single door styles made in a variety of sizes to suit your business.

Paraffin wax baths are a unique spa service that’s easy to offer to clients. We sell all the essentials that you’ll need to provide your customers with relief with warm paraffin. The treatment is helpful for the relief of arthritis pain, as well as foot treatments and helping heal cracked skin on the feet and hands.

Facial steamers are also a boutique item that can help your salon rise to the top. There are so many different types of facial steamers that you’ll want to research them before you buy, but they are extremely beneficial pieces of equipment. Our facial steamers are professional-grade and ready for you to use. Whether you need a mobile facial steamer with a moveable stand or something more stationary we can help you.

From salon cabinetry to styling chairs and so much more, we have all the salon equipment you need. With over 30 years in the salon equipment business, we know what makes a successful beauty salon and which items add value for your customers. Shop with us today and pick your order up from our Argyle Warehouse!