Ceramic Shampoo Bowls

Ceramic Shampoo Bowls

Treat your clients to a luxurious salon experience with ceramic shampoo bowls from eMark Beauty.

Replacing your heavily used shampoo bowls every so often is a great way to maintain the appearance of your salon and keep customers coming back for that fresh, aesthetic feel. Luckily, we have a variety of shampoo bowls for sale to choose from.

To appeal to all our customers, we sell both black and white ceramic shampoo bowls to perfectly match the vibe of your salon. Additionally, whether you need just a shampoo bowl or both a ceramic shampoo bowl and chair, we have it all in stock and ready to be shipped your way! See why more salon owners are choosing eMark Beauty for their professional salon needs. Order now!

At eMark Beauty, we are committed to the happiness of our customers. That’s why we offer FREE next business day shipping on all orders being delivered in the US. Additionally, we offer a 1-year eMark Beauty warranty on all products we sell, including our ceramic shampoo bowls.