Shampoo Bowls

Salon Shampoo Bowls 

There are many elements to consider when purchasing equipment for your salon. Whether it’s the salon chairs, lighting, or shampoo stations, you must carefully decide what models are best for your clientele and the image you wish to project. Salon shampoo bowls are an essential part of your beauty business, and using high-quality equipment is a subtle way to project an air of luxury and a better atmosphere. Plus, better equipment is better for you as the stylist because it lasts longer and is easier to use!

Choose eMark Beauty for premium salon shampoo bowls and say goodbye to having to replace your salon sink bowls every couple of years. Our hair salon shampoo bowls are made to last!

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We have a huge inventory of shampoo bowls for you to choose from. We offer ceramic, stainless steel and plastic shampoo bowls that are durable and will continue to look great for years to come. We can help you pick the right style for you depending on your volume of customers. Our stations come in different shapes and sizes, like curved or square-shaped. We provide the ultimate in comfort to your patrons with the tilt feature.

Our wall mounted units are convenient and ergonomic for you and your customers. Many of our models come with a spray hose, vacuum breaker and waterproof neck rest. We also have sleek and modern barber sinks available. Our sinks are compatible with shampoo chairs for ultimate efficiency.

Your shampoo station is important for the reputation of your salon. Your shampoo station should make it easy for you to provide your clients with a comfortable, thorough shampoo experience that they can sit back and enjoy. Your customer's comfort should is always important, and that’s why everything from the spray hose to the neck rest should be of the best quality.

No matter what size your salon is we can provide you with the right shampoo station that will maximize your profits. Whether you need a station with attached cabinetry or a simple wet station for your barbershop, let our knowledgeable staff guide you through the purchasing process.

Upgrade your salon business with better shampoo bowls. You'll be glad you did.